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We, at KI Jewel, create custom made jewelry. Our prices are as per wholesale pricing and are affordable. Every design is created as per our client’s creativity and put in shape through our experienced craftsmen. Being established in the market, we understand and know our client’s needs and desire for a piece of jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is handmade and brought to life.



3 Steps To Design Jewelry

At KI Jewels, we make sure, your creativity meets its end and you get your piece of jewelry as per your wins and fancies. We don’t stock, we concentrate on our diamond selection and you design what you want with our experienced jewelry designers.

Meetings with us can happen as per your convenience, be it your home or our office. Everything at KI Jewel is done looking at our customer’s preference and convenience.

Being established in industry and market over the years, we have a fine reputation as diamond traders and the best choice for customized jewelry, especially in the making of ring and pendant. Due to our thorough understanding with fine jewelry, we are able to assess each item of jewelry for its history and core beauty, as well as its budgetary value and market desirability. You will find doing business with KI Jewels to be a professional and comfortable experience. KI Jewels is able to provide you with the highest offer for your jewelry without the troublesomeness of traveling to various retail stores or pawn shops.

We, at KI Jewels, assess your jewelry and provide you with an offer before the sale is established. If you are not 100% satisfied with our proposition, we will return your jewelry.

Step 1:

Decide the center piece of your jewelry

Step 2:

Sit with our designer to get a sketch ready as per your creativity

Step 3:

Set your budget

We’ve designed hundreds of customized jewelry, from the simple to the ornate, from traditional to modern, and everything in between. We have been successfully getting smile on our clients face with our mix and match of different elements and stones and diamonds to create your unique customized jewelry, and we do it at affordable pricing, keeping customer satisfaction and happiness in mind. Wherever you are, in the same city or a different one, we make sure you have your piece of jewelry delivered to you without any hustle.

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